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The adventures of eight women who became sisters through the music of Mumford and Sons

Austin to Boston London BFI premiere 18th October 2015

Austin to Boston London BFI film premiere…. 18th October

London, the south bank, a filthy Mexican wrap and wot no pop corn!

DDD to London doesn’t have the same ring to it as Austin to Boston. Sat in our comfy long leg room red faux velvet seats we wait for the 9pm screening. Ty and Ben are introduced by the film festival music programmer.

The programmer explained how this movie came to be at the festival. The film festival running order had been arranged, the entries had closed, then he got the link to A to B. He watched it late one night, possibly a tad drunk and fell in love with it and had to make waves, pull strings to get this movie shown. We are very grateful he did.

The movie was so lovely, you could lose yourself in it for the 72 running minutes. What really came across was the sense of community, togetherness and fun. Taking five vintage VeeDubs across America is a brave crazy move.

Gill Landry was the one of the hired drivers and mechanics. He had spent his youth touring in 7 of these beautiful machines. Gill does the commentary throughout the movie and does a great job, his second career could be a story narrator.

The movie captures each band along the journey, from long days in the vans, driving, sleeping, singing and at the venues they eventually get to play in. With over 100 hours of footage to edit, this is a capsule collection of moments, but according to Ty shows the essence of the tour.

After the movie Ty and Ben take questions from the floor, then we are treated to a live group performance from many of the featured artists.

If you get the chance to see it, go see it!

thanks to The Staves, Ben Howard, Bears Den, Nathaniel Rateliff and Ben Lovett for sharing their journey.

Photos to follow.


Some times you have just got to be in the right place at the right time……#listeningpleasure



The sisters get to meet in Glasgow.

Heart shaped poached egg anyone? Queen of selfies. Say hello to James and John.

The Highland Fling

Good afternoon from Bonnie Bonnie Scotland. We seem to find ourselves in Glasgow, in September for a SOTR gathering of the minds.

Today is day two of exploring. Here is how our journeys began. Young Barb decided that the only place to celebrate her birthday was in what I call the UK. I am pleased that we are still the UK with the NO vote (sensibly) pulling across the finish line first.

Our plans started back in May for the small, but perfectly formed UK contingent of the sotr to meet up with Barb in Glasgow.

Flying into Glasgow Ruth and I took the shuttle bus into the city centre. It is a small world as whilst cruising the mean streets of Glasgow on the bus suddenly Ruth shouts it’s Barb! And proceeds to knock frantically on the bus windows. I don’t think the bus driver will grow anymore this week! We hopped off the bus at the next stop.

Our first meeting with Barb (and husband) in the middle of a high street. What could be better. It was a lovely moment. Thanks Barbs for letting us share your highland fing.

With map in hand, we head north up hill towards our des res accommodation. It’s a sign, we pass the world famous M&S store on the way!

We plan the rest of our day. First and foremost on my mind was LUNCH. What better way to experience the UK than a pub lunch, the first pub ventured into was not necessary to our taste #filth. We move onto The Raven, a more suitably stylish establishment. Fed and watered we catch up life. So good to finally meet. Thanks Chris for your patience!

The weather is dry and sunny what more could we ask for. The afternoon is spent exploring. The Glasgow Museum of modern art. Who knew you could host a floor of the gallery with a coat hanger display…. Or share your blackest dreams and get paid for it! It was “different” it was free so no harm done. I might yet find an opening in modern art for my “talents”.

After such a mentally challenging 30 mins #wewillnevergetthose30minsback, we decide we need to calm our souls and that Tea is the answer. The Spoon Cafe is our destination of choice, (or the only one open). Managed to bump into Elvis Presley so all is not lost. We got the hint that it as closing time when the closed the window shutters. All we needed was for the Hoover to come out and then we would have totally known that we had outstayed our welcome!

Our next adventure was to gate crash a wedding. The locals were lovely until I happen to mention I am from England! Clearly YES voters! Funny. #motherofthegroom #toomuchchampers

Having suitably photo bombed the wedding pictures, shared and learnt about life stories in 5 mins we say our goodbye to the wedding party. Onwards to The winter gardens, for a botanical stroll. Lovely building.

Next stop Glasgow cathedral, sadly closed but the outside was inspiring. Set alongside the university, the contrast in buildings seemed not to offend. The necropolis had to be explored. Who knew there were so many “famous” aka pompous men called James or John (circa 1800’s) that inspired the need to erect 10 foot memorial statues! It was a beautiful place with a great view over the whole city. Well worth the trek.

Once more into the breach my friend, we went back to the hotel! With Diner booked for 2030 hours we just about had enough time to freshen up and spam!

Barb returned with gifts for us…. What an unexpected pleasure. Home made jelly Jam all the way from States from dear sister Donna. Thank you. Xx home town cookie cutters and handmade candles, and last but by no means least hand crafted Octopus buddies from Molly. Now named James and John, what else we could call them.

Walking into town Glasgow by night is a different atmosphere to Glasgow by day. (Come and have a go if you think you’re ard enough! ) we were fine.

The Thai restaurant, (dress code casual elegance…..! ) was really busy, who also knew that so many people would also celebrate their special birthday their…… Sorry we failed on the bun sun burner stylee cake… The thought was there, but luggage restrictions applied.

Having opted not to go for the chicken flaming volcano as mains, we were totally chuffed when the table next door ordered it! Clearly a house speciality! See photos. (On one got hurt in the making)

Birthday gifts exchanged. Good food and great company. Thanks for sharing your evening with is Barb and Chris.

Back to base camp we chatted until the wee small hours of the morning. Nite nite.

The hotel served the full Scottish for breakfast. Not sure what of the contents were Scottish? Still it filled a gap. The heart shaped poached egg however was a nice touch.

This morning, weather was a bit dull. But still no rain. We walk to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, somewhat more historic and beautiful works of art than yesterday shoddy offering. A grand sandstone building housing works of art from Monet to Salvador Dali. And still free entry. Very impressive. I should say enroute we walked past the amaze balls Glasgow venue The Garage. Is it garage or garrrrrrage? You should never be more than 10ft away from a legendary venue. This made me smile.

All too soon it was time to say our goodbyes and head towards the airport.

It had been an honour and a privilege to spend time with you all. Thanks so more for a lovely time to my dear sisters Barb and Ruth. Not forgetting our honorary brother Chris.

Barb and Chris: Have an amazing time on the rest of your travels. Stay safe on those mean highland streets. Watch out for bears……did I mention bears?

Signing off sister.

M&S Sisters CH BJ and RC in Glasgow.!  Happy Birthday Sis BJ!!  We love you!!

M&S Sisters CH BJ and RC in Glasgow.! Happy Birthday Sis BJ!! We love you!!

Reminiscing tour of two halves……. Princess Theatre Torquay November 2012.

Reminiscing tour of two halves……. Princess Theatre Torquay November 2012.

Reminiscing tour of two halves……. Princess Theatre Torquay November 2012.

Reminiscing tour of two halves……. Princess Theatre Torquay November 2012.

Reminiscing tour of two halves……. Princess Theatre Torquay November 2012.

Reminiscing tour of two halves……. Princess Theatre Torquay November 2012.

Reminiscing tour of two halves……. Princess Theatre Torquay November 2012.